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Progressive lenses

Although we refer to the 3 areas of clear vision in a progressive lens (distance, intermediate and near), they actually have a smooth progression of power all the way from your distance to near prescription (Progressively increasing in strength to the bottom of the lens).   This means there will be a part of the lens that should precisely focus for any task required.

We offer 3 progressive (varifocal) types for you to choose from.


An ideal starting point if you are new to progressive lenses.   This has a moderate area for distance vision that gently introduces the stronger reading power.   Mild peripheral distortion makes adaptation time reasonably short.


This is a rear surfaced or freeform lens.  Adaptation to this lens is very quick and easy.   The advanced design keeps peripheral blur to a minimum.   It achieves this by surfacing the lens on both the front and back, allowing for the optimum performance for the lens tailored to your individual prescription.


Currently the most advanced progressive lens on the market. Perfected to give improved performance in all areas; the elite varifocal has been a recent leap in progressive lens development. Based again on rear surface technology, it incorporates Digital Ray Path calculations. An advanced computer simulation will determine the optimum power required in every possible position of gaze, individual for every combination of prescription, frame and facial measurements.

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