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Viewing your order status

Most of our fantastic glasses and sunglasses are made to order. You can see the status of your order at any time, and we’ll keep you updated with any changes. We’ll also contact you if we need more info or if we think there’ll be any delay with your order.

Viewing Your Order Status

The status of your order updates as we prepare your new glasses. Here are some of the statuses you might see:
  • Frames on Order
  • Lenses in Production
  • Frames Prepared for Glazing
  • Lenses Prepared for Glazing
  • Entered Glazing Lab
  • Entered Specialised Production
  • In Production
  • Entered Quality Control & Dispatch Dept

Frames On Order

This means that your frames have been ordered directly from the manufacturer. They’ll usually take 5-7 working days to arrive with us, but sometimes they come sooner, and we’ll let you know if they do.

Lenses In Production

This means that we have your prescription, and have passed it on to our labs to produce your new lenses. Most lenses are ready almost immediately, but some lenses (such as bifocals, progressives, high index materials and tinted lenses) can take around 5-10 working days to produce.

Frames Prepared for Glazing

When we cut your new lenses, this is referred to as ‘glazing’. When we get your frames direct from the manufacturer, we make sure one of our technicians looks over them to prepare for glazing your lenses into the frames. We trace the frame shape to make sure we get the right shape for your new prescription lenses.

Lenses Prepared for Glazing

One of our technicians will check your new lenses to make sure they’re perfect. We check the power of the lenses and make sure they’re up to the correct orientation so we can cut them to the shape of your new frames.

Entered Glazing Lab

Your lenses will be machine cut to fit your new frames. We then go through various processes to finish the edges to suit your new frames. Sometimes there can be delays during the glazing stage to make sure we get your new glasses just right, but usually it will only take 2-4 days to glaze your new lenses.


Entered Specialised Production

Specialised production is also known as ‘surfacing’. This is where we use complex high-tech computer generated algorithms to figure out the best form lens to suit your prescription, lens and frame choice. We make sure the lenses are as thin and light as possible. Surfacing is complex, and there are many stages to go through before completion, so it usually takes around 10-15 days, but can sometimes be done sooner.

In Production

You’ll see this status if you’ve ordered budget or non-designer frames. Usually the ordering process will be the same as detailed above, except it’s a lot quicker as your frames will already be in stock with us. Budget items usually only take 5-7 days to complete. However, other lenses such as bifocals, progressives, high index materials and tinted products can take around 5-10 working days to make.


Entered Quality Control & Dispatch Dept

We like to make sure your new glasses are perfect, so the last stage is quality control. We look over the frames and lenses to make sure they meet our high standards, and also to guarantee that they conform to British Standard tolerance BS EN ISO 21987:2009.1. Quality and accuracy are very important to us, so we don’t ever skip this process to save on time.



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