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Lens Options

  • Single vision glasses

    Single vision lenses will have a single set focal length. Wherever you look through the lens, you will have the same power. Distance lenses Generally used for driving, watching TV and walking around. Tho...

  • Progressive lenses

    Although we refer to the 3 areas of clear vision in a progressive lens (distance, intermediate and near), they actually have a smooth progression of power all the way from your distance to near prescription (Pr...

  • Bifocal lenses

    Bifocals have 2 zones that are set for specific distances. The upper part of the lens is set for clear vision in the far distance, while the lower portion is designed to make your near vision clear. There w...

  • Occupational office lenses

    Not designed for everyday wear, an occupational lens is a multifocal specifically designed to help a particular working environment or hobby. Typically an Occupational Office Lens will give optimum viewing are...

  • Plano - No power lenses

    A plano lens is the term used to describe a lens with no prescription (or no power). They can be used for: Tinted, polarised or transition lenses if you want sunglasses but have no prescription or wish to we...

  • Our range of sun lenses

    Any of our frames can be turned into sunglasses, however if you don’t want your glasses tinted, you can still enjoy the sun protection offered by our free UV protection coating. We offer the following options ...

  • Photochromic lenses

    Often referred to by a brand name “Transitions”, photochromic lenses automatically become darker when you head out into the sun giving you 100% UV protection. This saves you having to carry a second pair of p...

  • Polarised lenses

    A polarised filter will absorb the horizontal light waves but allow the vertical ones to pass through. This will eliminate glare and improve depth and colour perception. Available in Grey, Brown and Green co...

  • Polycarbonate lenses

    Many safety glasses are made from polycarbonite lenses. The lenses have high impact qualities compared with other lens types but as a consequence the optical qualities of this lens are reduced. If impact r...

  • Thickness of lenses

    The thickness of your lenses will be determined by a few key variables. The size and shape of the frame. Your prescription. Your PD - Pupillary Distance ​Full rimmed plastic frames do a good j...


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